Saturday, 12 May 2012

Douglas Bennett Olympic Canoe Sprint

Douglas Bennett was born on 13/9/1918 in Canada. Douglas Bennett was a Canoe sprint Player from Canada who participated in the Canoe Events from the 1930s to the end of the 1940s. \
In the Honor list Douglas Bennett won a silver medal in the C-1 category of 1000 m event at 1948 Summer Olympics in London. Before Canoer Bennett he was played at the Royal Montreal Hockey Club in 1937. He took up canoeing, swimming is not everything when his career. 
Winning the championship a couple canoeing in Canada 1934-1939, he qualified in 1940 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which was later canceled. Bennett was at Montreal's 1947 Sportsman of the Year award after winning the Canadian C-1, C 2 and C-4 national championships after the year 1948. 
The games drew Bennett and went to work: Bell Canada's engineering department, although he is to canoe in the exercises continues. Bennett was a native of St. Lambert, Quebec. Douglas Bennett died in the 28/6/2008.

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