Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rachel Cawthorn in London Olympic Games

Rachel Cawthorn was born on 3 November 1988, and Guildford in surrey. Rachel Cawthorn British sprint canoer, who participated in the late 2000s. 
He won the bronze medal in the K-1 to win the 500 meters on, 2010 ICF Sprint World Championships in Poznan canoe and the first woman in Britain to a World Championship medal: Rachel Cawthorn 2012 was elected to the Olympic canoe Sprint events. Rachel Cawthorn is a very good World Cup is K4, as we managed to qualify for this classification rules are complicated and confusing seriously meant that we are sending four players to play all the positions of the K1 500 meters. K4 was hot the first day of the race, and win our heat, we are the last line, we had our Olympic qualification is almost guaranteed to be qualified.
 Rachel Cawthorn's team is truly the beginning of the race was attacked and almost the first half. Unfortunately, not simply as strong as some other teams that we obtained in the second half, the fourth in the 0,072 seconds, and we have 4 places qualify for the Olympic Games. He was doing 500 on my K1, and ended 12th.she not the end of 12 who is disappointed, but not sure where it will be, but after training the last few years, Rachel Cawthorn and happy in his career cannot be too far from the mark. World Championships are over, but some free time, Rachel Cawthorn went to Portugal in the Summer Challenge Nelo, who won one of the excellent hospitality of Nelo cap in the second-to-one assistance we ran a 10k long distance downwind. Next week in London's Olympic test event at his house in Dorney Lake This is the first time he ran an international career in the country, so it's a new experience and a great taste of what the game will be like next year with the help of all volunteers, and the race went very well, and competition in domestic waters. 
Rachel Cawthorn's old school and then again last week, George Hamazasp Master Akhlat, Guildford - in an attempt to break the world record for largest human logo will be asked to participate in the Olympic 1900 in Beijing in 2008, we broke your 1222 package. The event marked the end of the surrey region of P & G Sport Table Games in 100 days and 400 days to go, "until next year's games. Thank you Paul Ainslie, Phil Harrison, and everyone involved in organizing the day went smoothly. it is the majority, and cool to see some of my former teachers as well. Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange. Sell Olympic Tickets at Sport Ticket Exchange or Buy Olympic Tickets for Every Event.

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