Tuesday, 29 May 2012

David Cal Figueroa in Olympic Canoe Sprint

David Cal Figueroa was in the tenth October 1982 Born in the margin. David Cal Figueroa, Spanish sprint canoer who has participated in since 1999. Cal is 183 cm (6'0 ") tall and weighs 91 kg. 
Competing in two Summer Olympics, which has four medals, a gold medal in C-1 1,000 meters at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games and three silver medals in the C-1 500 meters at the 2004 Olympic Games in 2008, C-1 1,000 meters won in the Olympics Games in 2008. Cal was junior world bronze medalist in Zagreb in 1999 at C-1 1,000 meters. The following year he became the European Union C-1 500 meters, the junior champion in Boulogne, France in 2000. He also won the C-1 1000 meters bronze medal. It was a reserve in the Sydney Olympics. 
In 2002 European Under-23 Championship in Zagreb, Croatia won, Cal C-1 500 meters the bronze medal. Cal has competed at the circuit level since 2003, won four medals at the ICF Canoe Sprint Championships World. These include gold in the C-1 500 meters in 2007, two silver medals in C-1 1,000 meters in 2003, 2005 and a bronze medal in the C-1 1,000 meters in 2007.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Attila Vajda Olympic Canoe Sprint

Attila Vajda was born in 17 March 1983, Szeged. Attila Vajda is a Hungarian sprint canoer who competed in the early 2000s. Occurred in two Summer Olympics, he won two medals in the C-1 1000m event gold in 2008 Olympic Games and bronze in 2004 Olympics.
 Vajda was European Junior Champion in 2000 he won the C-2 1000 meters Canadian title Demasz-Szeged teammate Marton Joob in Boulogne, France. In 2002 the couple took second place in the European Under-23 Championship in the Croatian capital Zagreb at the same event was convinced Vajda of Hungary Zoltan Angyal ability to coach, but did not take the decision to give him his senior international debut in 2002 or 2003. In 2004 Olympic Games is also keeping his cards close to his chest Angyal. The Hungarian team in the preseason, international regattas: the European Championships in Hungary Marton Joob C-1 races and Sandor Malomsoki. Angyal is shocked by his rival coach of the Vajda "secret weapon for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Armenia C-1 1000 m event. In his lead with a time of 3:57.290, Vajda qualified for the semifinals. 
Since he is in second place, this time at 3:52.236, the promotion at a later date Vajda won the bronze medal behind Germany and Spain's David Cal, Andreas Dittmer, but beat 1996 champion Martin Doktor in a time of 3:49.025. Hungary is one of the few countries in the world where sprint canoeists have the status of the stars are known to the public and Vajda appeared suddenly in a new golden boy of Hungarian canoeing. His performances in 2005, suffered as a result of this diversion, he began the season overweight and does not make any major international races. In 2006 Olympic Games the national title won in all three distances, and in May won a top-class international field in Duisburg injury prevented him from doing that at the European Championships, but he decided the 2006 World Championships in his hometown Szeged skip: He recovered in to take the time C-1 1,000 m bronze medal behind surprise winner Everardo Cristobal Mexico and Germany Andreas Dittmer. 
Vadja won the gold medal at the World Championship Duisburg: The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Vajda wear a black armband in tribute to his fallen teammate Gyorgy Kolonicz and its C-1 1000 m gold Kolonicz honor. He won the Hungarian Sportsman of the Year for his victory in Beijing. Vajda won the silver medal in the C-1 4 x 200-meter event in 2009 at Dartmouth. He also won a silver medal in the C-1 1000 meters at the 2010 championships.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Douglas Bennett Olympic Canoe Sprint

Douglas Bennett was born on 13/9/1918 in Canada. Douglas Bennett was a Canoe sprint Player from Canada who participated in the Canoe Events from the 1930s to the end of the 1940s. \
In the Honor list Douglas Bennett won a silver medal in the C-1 category of 1000 m event at 1948 Summer Olympics in London. Before Canoer Bennett he was played at the Royal Montreal Hockey Club in 1937. He took up canoeing, swimming is not everything when his career. 
Winning the championship a couple canoeing in Canada 1934-1939, he qualified in 1940 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which was later canceled. Bennett was at Montreal's 1947 Sportsman of the Year award after winning the Canadian C-1, C 2 and C-4 national championships after the year 1948. 
The games drew Bennett and went to work: Bell Canada's engineering department, although he is to canoe in the exercises continues. Bennett was a native of St. Lambert, Quebec. Douglas Bennett died in the 28/6/2008.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Josef Holecek Olympic Canoe Sprint

Josef Holecek was born in the 25 January 1921 Czechoslovakia. Josef Holecek was a Czechoslovakian Player of the Canoe sprint who Participate in the many Olympic Events like 1940s and early 1950s.

 Josef Holecek won gold medals in the C-1 1000 m two Summer Olympics events in both 1948 and 1952. 1948 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games were an international multi-sport event and xiv Olympiad took place in London, England, United Kingdom. 
Josef Holecek (Czechoslovakian Sprint Canoer)
Summer Olympic Games XIV Olympiad in London in 1948 Sprint boat racing in nine events, which are contested the first women's Olympic event program.  Josef Holecek won also won two medals at the 1950 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Copenhagen with one gold in the C-1 1000 m and a silver in the C-1 10000 m events. Josef Holecek died in the 20 February 2005.