Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Canoe Sprint introduction

Canoe marathon and Canoe sprint is a competitive form of canoeing and kayaking on more or less level water. 

Both sports are administrating by the ICF (International Canoe Federation). Canoe sprint, which is referred to by the International Canoe Federation as kayak sprint / canoe is one of the two forms of the canoeing regulation that are characteristic in the Summer Olympics than the other being canoe slalom. Marathon racing is not events of the Olympic sport. The major events are the World Championships in non Olympic years.
 Canoe racing shared with map map-reading is called Canoe orienteering. Marathons are long distance races on the lakes, estuarial, rivers and open sea. The course may comprise obstacles such as rocks, portages and shallows. The minimum distances for international races are 15 km for women and 20 km for men by the International Canoe Federation rules. The races may be divided in more than a few parts o may be several days. World Championship and World Cup races normally are about 35 to 40 km long. The authorized boats accepted by the International Canoe Federation as International Boats are the following C1, C2 C4, K1, K2 and K4 where the number is a sign of the number of paddlers “C” for Canadian or canoe and “K” stand for kayak depending on position. 
Kayaks have steering controls, which is operated by the front most paddler with his feet in a kayak a paddler is sitting, while in a canoe he is kneeling on one knee. The International Canoe Federation rules for these boats define, the minimum weight, the maximum length, among others and the shape of the boats. For example, by International Canoe Federation rules, a K1 is at most 520 cm long and weighs at least 8 kg for marathons or 12 kg for sprints. In 2000, the International Canoe Federation withdrew width restrictions on all boats after the Olympic Games in Sydney, spurring a fury of modernization in boat propose. Buy Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets on Sport Ticket Exchange.
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