Thursday, 29 December 2011

Canoe Sprint Marathon

The lessons possibly will take account of hindrance such as rocks, portages and shallows. Marathons are long distance races on lakes, rivers and on the open sea. 

Under International Canoe Federation regulations the smallest amount of the distances for international races are 15 km for women and 20 km for men. The races may be on bad terms in more than a few parts or more than a few days. World Championship and World Cup races more often than not are about thirty five to forty kilo meter long. 
As there are no highest distances long-winded racing has its boundaries for instance Dipole Challenge 105 miles (170 km) non-stop from side to side the night in November  Lithuania Dip olio issukis the Cacique international de cantos in Quebec Canada is of  120 mile and 3 day long event have three stage Hawkesbury Canoe characteristic in New South Wales( Australia)  the longest canoe and kayak race, the Yukon 1000 miles witch is 1600 km long ,the River of the Yukon Quest  is 742 km from Whitehorse to Dawson on the Yukon River, Devizes to Westminster Marathon in England 125 miles (200 km) the Tour de Gudena in Denmark it is 120 km, Fish River Canoe Marathon is about 81 km.
The Au Sable River Canoe Marathon uncontrollably 120 miles, the Berg River Canoe Marathon 248 km, Dusi Canoe Marathon is 125 km long, Vaal River Marathon in South Africa, the formerly Red Cross Murray Marathon is the distance of the 404 km downward the Murray River in Australia and the Texas Water Safari (262 mi) the Missouri River uncontrollably 340 miles on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to the last road right of entry point on the river in Alaska.Olympic Canoe Sprint events are going to held Eton in Dorney Buckinghamshire United Kingdom on 6 August 2012. Buy Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets on Sport Tickets Exchange.

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