Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Category of Canoe Sprint Boats

K1, K2, K4, C1, C2 and C4 are the official recognized boats by the ICF as International Boats for the canoe racing. 

The numeral show the number of paddlers K indicates to kayak and C to canoe or Canadian by the events. Kayaks have direction-finding controls which are function by the front most paddler with his feet in a kayak a paddler is session. Canoe is kneeling down on one knee. 
The ICF rules for these boats describe the highest length between the others the lowest shape and the weight of the boats. By the ICF rules a K1 is at most 520 cm long and weighs at least 8 kg for marathons or 12 kg for sprints events. Subsequent to the Olympic Games (Sydney) the ICF remove width limitations on all type of boats encourage a vehemence of modernization in boat intend in 2000. Carbon fiber Kevlar with epoxy resin are used to prepare the Modern boats. Some of the well-known kayak marathon racers are Ivan Lawler a 7-time world title holder and Anna Hemming a 3 world title holder. 
Hungary was the most successful canoeing nation overall Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 at the same time as Germany leads the Athens 2004(Greece) and Beijing 2008 (China) canoeing honors tables. Buy Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets from Sport Ticket Exchange.
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