Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Concrete Canoe History

In the 1960s the history of Concrete Canoe in the United States essentially began when a small number of ASCE student section start holding intramural Concrete Canoe races. 

In 1971 the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign organized the first intercollegiate race next to Purdue. Back to the thirty years as the students’ hard work to unite engineering superiority and hydrodynamic plan to build water commendable canoes have conclude in an higher form of concrete building and racing technique known as the America’s Cup of Civil Engineering. ASCE prolonged the contest to the national level in 1988 at the time of Master Builders, Inc. 
In its first year, 18 teams of excited civil engineering students from the nation’s premier academic programs get together in East Lansing, Micah to test the waters of this ground-breaking and educational experience. The contest became a great achievement with local winner’s peripatetic across the country by airplane train and Ryder truck, canoes in tow, in their mission to become National Concrete Canoe Competition champions. As contest was rising here in the United States, the idea had also in use embraced in other countries. Today, concrete canoe racing take place around the world in places like United Arab Emirates, Canada, South Africa, Japan and the Germany and with finance from ASCE and the ACI (American Concrete Institute).  The University of Wisconsin - Madison 2007 National Concrete Canoe Competition winner was journey to the Netherlands to participate the United States in the 30th Annual Dutch Concrete Canoe championship. 
More than 200 teams struggle in 18 consultation contest to qualify for contribution at the national level in 2008. The Concrete Canoe contest is intended to provide civil engineering students with a chance to increase practical, experience and management skills by effective with concrete mix plan and task managing. Organizers, support and contributor are devoted to structure consciousness of concrete knowledge and appliance with the flexibility and stability of concrete as a building material, among civil engineering students, instructor and practitioners the concrete industry and the universal public. They also struggle to increase attentiveness among business leaders, opinion makers and the universal public of civil manufacturing as a dynamic and innovative profession necessary to society. In its 21-year history, the National Concrete Canoe Competition has tackle the knowledge, thoughts and endurance of more than 400 teams and 5000 students.

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