Friday, 20 July 2012

Alana Nicholls in Olympic Canoe Sprint Events

Alana Nicholls was born on 6 April 1986 in Perth, Western Australia in Perth. Alana Nicholls is an Australian kayaker.  She was elected to the 2012 Olympic Games in Australia in the K-1 200 m and 500 m K-1 events. 
LANS was nicknamed Nicholls was attended Our Lady of Lourdes High School Chisholm Catholic College until she was forced to work part-time work for CITIC Pacific Mining Management, a mining company. 2012 she lived in the Perth suburb of City Beach. Nicholls is a member of Bayswater and has a scholarship with a boat SPORTS CLUB and the WA Institute of Sport Australian Institute of Sport. Their primary training site is located in Bayswater, Western Australia on the Gold Coast in the construction of a second base. 
She is currently provided by Ramon, Michael Anderson and Lakes, which became their coach in 2008 coached. Nicholls competed in his first World Cup, World Cup 2 - Racice, Czech Republic, where in 2011 he won the K-1 500 meters event  She finished fourth and fifth in the K1 200 m, K1 500 million in the 2011 world event event The Szeged, finished second in the K1 500 million at the World Cup event Hungary. She 1 in Poznan, Poland she was the 2011 Australian Canoeing Athletes of the Year. 
In 2012 she medaled in the K-1 200 m, and K-1 500 million for a new event in the world may, in the first K1 500 m, and the first event in the K1 200 meters event at the 2012 National Championship Penrith Armenia, Australia, and They finished first in the K1 500 K1 200 meter event and second event of the Sprint Oceania Championships in Penrith Australia 2012. Nicholls was the 2012 Olympic Games; Australia is a K-1 200 m and 500 m K-1 events. Prior to the start of the game, he and his team at the AIS European Training Centre in Italy gondola train Varese. Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets for London Games are On Sale at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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