Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Naomi Flood in Olympic Canoe Sprint 2012

Naomi Floody was born on 17 April, 1986 in Sydney to Surf and Surf Lifesaving, including swimming, brilliant water sports, including the number of them and was raised in the northern beach is sand and the waves and the sea, and their passion for their affinity with their claws as on his return, has seen a wave riding ever seen. 
She took the title of Australian Junior Board races and believe everything is finished fifth in the open iron woman events Floody 17-year-old fresh face out of the darkness came in 2003. To win three years and a number of countries, Australia and world championship gold medals later, in 2006 Floody Ironwoman final, Australia, Gold Coast, highlighted the world in Kurrawa beach lifesaving award, the highest performance is achieved in the highlight of her young career. And all the competition out of the water, floods in Australia and the sport has been described by one of the toughest female performer. Floody is the world championships in Germany in 2008 to stamp their authority on the international stage. She backed up and to Australia after a few days skiing with her Ironwoman her where Manly Club represented both titles won before the race, won six gold medals and one silver medal. 
In 2009, Naomi other career milestone when he was crowned champion Kellogg's Nutri Grain in 2009, Iron Woman Series. Place over 5 rounds on the east coast of Australia, the first in a series surf sports series in the world and is the strongest, toughest surf lifesavers around the country. When the 2010 World Lifesaving Championships in Egypt Floody defended his ski racing titles, finished second Iron Woman, claiming a number of gold medals in team sports as part of the victorious Australian team. More recently, Naomi was his 11 Australian Surf Lifesaving team traveled to New Zealand in 2011, three events in the Tri-Nations competition expert ski paddlers’ Australian team won all three tests, and Naomi was undefeated in all the ski events. In recent seasons, Naomi has a lot of promise sprint kayak and has shown a burning desire to compete for Australia at the London Olympics in 2012. 
The first milestone in the achievement of this objective was achieved, when their first season in which they are in 2010 Australian sprint kayak team went to Europe to appeal to the European season in 2010, such as the World Cup and World Cup races have been selected. Naomi has recently followed this four gold medals in the women's K1 1000m, 1000m K2, K4 500m and K2 500m sprint at the Australian National's kayak, which saw him win the selection of the 2011 Australian kayak team. Naomi returned to Europe and was the third and the women's K4 500m World Cup 2 in Poland, and later third women's K1 1000m World Championships in Hungary. In 2012, Naomi began the outstanding achievements of the citizens and the Grand Prix events, they deserve the choice of the 2012 London Olympic sprint kayak team, where they saw the K2 500m event in the competition. Buy Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets from Sport Ticket Exchange.

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